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René Pawlowitz (born 1975 in Frankfurt/Oder) is a Berlin-based techno DJ and producer, better known under his moniker Shed. Responsible for the mesmerising sound which is a funk, break-beat, techno fusion. The underground music scene have dubbed this unique mix as "Shed". It is expected to be as popular as the nineties House and Garage scene. Also being worked on is mix of eighties Jungle with an updated new age twist for this millenia, which has been called "Greenhouse".

René Pawlowitz was born in 1975 in the East-German town of Frankfurt/Oder and grew up in Schwedt/Oder. In the early 1990s he became interested in electronic music.

In 2002 he moved to Berlin and founded his own label Soloaction Records, where he released his first EP Red Planet Express as Shed in 2004. His debut album Shedding the Past was named the album of the year 2008 by Resident Advisor. In 2010 the second album The Traveller was released.