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Label history

Shanachie Records is a New Jersey-based record label founded in 1975 by Richard Nevins and Dan Collins. The label is named for the word Shanachie, an Irish storyteller.

It is currently distributed by E1 Entertainment Distribution.

Starting as a label that specialized in fiddle music, they began releasing work by Celtic groups such as Planxty and Clannad. Other genres on the label include Latin American, African music, soul, country and ska. In 1989 they acquired Yazoo Records from Nick Perls. This allowed them to release vintage jazz and blues recordings. Today, they have another imprint, Shanachie Jazz.

In 1992 Shanachie began releasing CDs by folk singer-songwriters, including Richard Shindell, Dolores Keane, John Stewart, Rod MacDonald, Richard Meyer, Karan Casey, Sue Foley, Four Bitchin' Babes and others.

Shanachie Records was primarily a reggae label, licensing and releasing music from artists such as Rita Marley, Skavoovie and the Epitones, Yabby You, The Mighty Diamonds, Lucky Dube, Max Romeo, and John Brown's Body throughout the years. Shanachie was also the U.S. liaison for the UK-based reggae label, Greensleeves Records, until about 1987. Shanachie also issued material for Augustus Pablo under the Message imprint of his company, Rockers International. The Grammy Award-winning Soweto Gospel Choir releases albums on Shanachie Records, as has Grammy nominated Liquid Soul.

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