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Babel Label


Label history

Babel Label is a record label founded in 1994 by former banker Oliver Weindling. It primarily records and releases jazz albums from United Kingdom artists. Ongoing relationships include artists such as Alexander Hawkins, Billy Jenkins, Christine Tobin and Huw Warren. A close relationship has been forged with a number of musicians from the F-IRE Collective, such as Tom Arthurs, Pete Wareham, Finn Peters and Seb Rochford. The label has been a major influence on a "revival" of interest in jazz in the UK over recent years. Currently this includes the successful crossover of some releases such as those of Polar Bear and Acoustic Ladyland into the pop world, and the work of the likes of Huw Warren using classical music by John Dowland and others. Another side of Babel's work is with Penny Rimbaud and Last Amendment such as his reworking of Howl (How?, released 2004). Many of the sleeves are designed by Gee Vaucher.

The label releases six albums a year. For 2007 these included Led Bib, Billy Jenkins, Tom Arthurs and Fraud. The label is also working with the Vortex Jazz Club, where Weindling is one of the artistic directors, on a joint venture, the first release of which was by Portico Quartet and which was nominated for the 2008 Mercury Music Prize. Its 100th album, by pianist Bruno Heinen, was released in 2011.

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